Blame, Responsibility, Anger, and Forgiveness  

Real talk about the feelings behind our feelings.


Law of Attraction, A Story

Imagine a store, its floor to ceiling shelves lined with puzzle boxes.  The picture on the front of each box shows a different potential desire.  You pick the box that you like the best, but lo and behold, it's empty.  You look around and find a store clerk, they chuckle slightly and look at you with …

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Oxygen and Energy

Forget the money.  The mansions and Ferrari's and designer handbags for a minute.  Just think of what it would feel like to live a life of peace, of harmony with everyone and everything around you... even if nothing changed.  Even if things got worse. Without love, tranquility, and joy... how can you ever be at …

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Spirituality vs Religion, Part II

Spirituality vs Religion Part I can be found here. There are three distinct aspects to 'God' in the Christian religion.  They are often referred to as 'the holy trinity', but I believe the holy trinity is misrepresented. The 'religious' trinity is as follows; God the Father God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit …

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Bodies In the Attic

Portions of this installment of Semantics Station were inspired by this blog post. Did you know that you have more than one body?  There's a physical body (the one we're all conscious of), and then there's an emotional body.  They affect one another, whether we are aware of it or not.  We are all aware of …

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The Spiritual ‘Terrible Twos’

I recently commented on another blog about the difficulty I have in putting the right words on 'paper' that I feel accurately convey my understanding of the spiritual lessons I'm learning. At their reply, I realized that the feeling of frustration I feel must be a lot like how we all felt as children, when we …

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