6 Ways To Counter Negative Energy

Sooner or later, we all run into a Frequency Hijacker.  Vibration Assassin.  Vortex of Negativity.  Or my personal favorite, an Eeyore.  Whatever you want to call them,  they’re the people who are so negative, they can walk into a room and even the lights dim.

If you’re like me, and very sensitive to people’s energy, these encounters can be excruciating.  Even if you’re not an HSP, if you’re exploring LOA, energy levels are very important,  so it’s good to have a few countermeasures, some strategies on hand to deal with them when they inevitably cross your path. Continue reading “6 Ways To Counter Negative Energy”

Who Holds Your Power?

I came across a great post about gratitude over at EssenCentral this morning, and commented with a practice which I had recently come across (but can’t recall where) in which the author, when her children become cranky, argumentative, or out of sorts, has them list three things which they are grateful for, and observed that this practice often raises the energetic vibration of her children from a lower state to a higher one, and that seeing the wisdom of such a practice, my husband and I charge the other to list three things which we are grateful for when we find the other being cranky or crabby.

Kayla, the author of EssenCentral, liked the idea and expressed that she might implement the practice in her own relationship as well.  When I read her comment (and this is why I love the back and forth of discussion of ideas… and why the ‘mirror’ aspect of LOA has always resonated with me), I was suddenly struck with a thought, and please bear with me as I get to my point, because I promise there is a point! Continue reading “Who Holds Your Power?”

Frequency Hijackers

Have you ever been around someone in a ‘mood’, and no matter how much you joke, cajole, tease, or point out the silver lining, they refuse to stop being miserable?

Have you ever been around someone who was insufferably cheerful, brimming with so much optimism you wanted to puke… or punch them in the face?


You have experienced first-hand not only the pull of energy, but resistance to it, as well.  These are two concepts Continue reading “Frequency Hijackers”

Surfing the Inner-net

I like to meditate.  I wish I had one of those machines that measure brain waves, to see which states I actually manage to achieve.

I don’t know how it is for other people, but when I’m meditating, it kind of feels like an engine; that I’m the engine, and when I begin to meditate, I’m on the highway.  You know, that speed when you set your cruise control.

At first it feels as though I become aware of my current speed, like glancing at the speedometer, so to speak.  As I continue, sometimes it feels like I simply turn off cruise control, and begin to coast, gradually slowing down.  If it’s a short session, that’s about the extent of it most of the time.

During longer meditation sessions, something else happens.  As I ‘coast’ to slower speeds, at some point, I feel a ‘downshift’ in my consciousness where my body ‘drops’ into an even deeper relaxation, and at the same time, my consciousness feels like it ‘shifts’ into a different gear. Continue reading “Surfing the Inner-net”

Law of Attraction, A Story

Imagine a store, its floor to ceiling shelves lined with puzzle boxes.  The picture on the front of each box shows a different potential desire.  You pick the box that you like the best, but lo and behold, it’s empty.  You look around and find a store clerk, they chuckle slightly and look at you with more than a hint of pity.  You get the feeling that you’re not going to like where this is going.  The clerk tell you to you to follow him, and heads toward the back of the store.  He opens a door you hadn’t noticed before, and flips on a light switch as he steps inside.  The lights flicker on long enough for you to see a HUGE pile of puzzle pieces strewn about on the floor of a storeroom that’s about the size of a football field.  As the lights begin to flicker off and on, the clerk shrugs, reaches in his pocket, and withdraws a small penlight.  He shines it on the box you’ve chosen, enters a code in a keypad beside the door, and from out of nowhere, a new box drops onto the shelf beside the keypad.  He hands you the new box.  The picture on the front of the box is dark and out of focus.  He tucks your dream puzzle under his arm and says, ‘put that one together, and then come find me.’

As he turns to walk out, you shake the box. ‘Wait a minute!’, you exclaim, ‘This box is empty, too!’  He stops, tosses you the penlight and points to the puzzle pieces scattered across the floor.  ‘It’s in there.  Good luck.’

This was not what you signed up for.  You were supposed to be able to pick out your desires, put the pieces together, and get what you came for, not be shoved into some dusty back room, putting together old, out of focus puzzles!  But you really want that desire puzzle, so you get down on your hands and knees and begin to search. Continue reading “Law of Attraction, A Story”

Oxygen and Energy

Forget the money.  The mansions and Ferrari’s and designer handbags for a minute.  Just think of what it would feel like to live a life of peace, of harmony with everyone and everything around you… even if nothing changed.  Even if things got worse.

Without love, tranquility, and joy… how can you ever be at peace, even if you acquire all the fame and fortune you could imagine?  It’s that centered-within happiness that allows us to receive bounty, and remain in alignment with it, instead of being Continue reading “Oxygen and Energy”

Spirituality vs Religion, Part II

Spirituality vs Religion Part I can be found here.

There are three distinct aspects to ‘God’ in the Christian religion.  They are often referred to as ‘the holy trinity’, but I believe the holy trinity is misrepresented.

The ‘religious’ trinity is as follows;

  1. God the Father
  2. God the Son (Jesus), and
  3. God the Holy Spirit

The spiritual trinity appears very similar on paper, but it is worlds apart in practice, for me, anyway;

  1. The Divine
  2. The Human Experience
  3. The Divine Within

For years, I have been seeking a way to fit my faith into my religion.  I simply couldn’t.  But Atheism, in the traditional sense of the word (belief that there is no god at all) didn’t feel like truth to me, either.

Those of us who experience fear of abandoning our religions are experiencing a spiritual crisis.  The Divine Within can sense the tidbits of truth within the religious texts, but at the same time, it can sense the falsehoods and misrepresentations they contain as well.  The root of the problem is because we have no way of knowing which parts are truth and which are a lie, and the fear of getting it wrong and ending up in hell paralyzes us, or sends us into a panic.

Continue reading “Spirituality vs Religion, Part II”

Be Still and Listen

The world has not grown so loud that I cannot hear you when you call.  The chaos of man cannot drown out my reply when you sit in stillness and wait.  Your patience will be rewarded, your gifts will fill your soul and overflow.

Do not doubt yourself.  Your faith in me is true, it’s your faith in yourself that is weak.  Listen to the quiet voice within when it speaks, and I will provide you the guidance to lead you to greater things.

I have not left this place.  I have not abandoned you.  Where you seek me, I will be, you simply have to be still and listen for my voice.

Leave fear behind.  Rejoice in the joy that is to come.


For the first time in my life, I was moved to tears by the call of a bird.

I was late in my meditation (a practice I have recently taken up), and decided to try meditating where I was, sitting on my sofa, no music, no guidance, just Being.  I wanted to explore the root chakra, as it’s the source of grounding, and I want to establish a stable foundation in my spiritual practices. I couldn’t seem to get comfortable, so I crossed my legs beneath me and, while more comfortable, I just FELT the separation between the earth and myself. Continue reading “Be Still and Listen”

Bodies In the Attic

Portions of this installment of Semantics Station were inspired by this blog post.

Did you know that you have more than one body?  There’s a physical body (the one we’re all conscious of), and then there’s an emotional body.  They affect one another, whether we are aware of it or not.  We are all aware of how our physical bodies work, which is that basically, we don’t think about it much unless it sends us a signal that something out of the ordinary is happening.  When we’re hungry, it signals with a growl or a rumble from our stomachs, when we’re thirsty, our mouths get dry, when something is injured, the nerves of that area send pain signals to our brains, and when something feels good, they send pleasure signals.  There’s a precise, specific indication system that is in place in order to maintain our awareness of our physical body and its needs.

The emotional body works in the same way.  There is a specific indication system in place in order to maintain our awareness of our emotional body and its needs.  That system is what we call our ’emotions’, and each emotion represents a specific need, wound, or pleasure that our emotional body has.

I don’t know how it is in the Eastern part of the world, but in the Western world, we are not taught to view our emotions as part of a ‘body’.  We are taught that they are simply reactions, and often unwanted.  We know all about the physical body.  We know we have a nervous system, a respiratory system, a vascular system, a skeletal system… we know what each system does, and how they each work together to sustain our physical body, and how they affect one another, but no one teaches us that we even have an emotional body, much less what systems it may have, or how the system(s) work.  Most of us are completely unaware that our emotions indicate anything other than a reaction to external stimuli.

Often, we treat our emotional bodies as though they are the ‘crazy’ parts of us.  The lunatic twin we keep locked in the attic, because she’s an embarrassment.  The part of us we muzzle, straight-jacket, and shove into the furthest, dustiest recesses of our awareness.  Sometimes we visit her when we’re all alone, but we’re more likely to simply avoid being alone… we invite television into our awareness, or food, or people, or books- anything to avoid being left alone with her. Continue reading “Bodies In the Attic”

The Spiritual ‘Terrible Twos’

I recently commented on another blog about the difficulty I have in putting the right words on ‘paper’ that I feel accurately convey my understanding of the spiritual lessons I’m learning.

At their reply, I realized that the feeling of frustration I feel must be a lot like how we all felt as children, when we knew perfectly well what we wanted, but didn’t have the ‘earth’ language skills to express that desire in a way our earthly caretakers could understand.  We would point, grunt, and babble (seemingly incoherently), but we very rarely were truly understood.

A child may know they want grape juice.  They can grab their mother by the sleeve and pull her to the fridge, and point at the fridge to let her know they want something inside, she can open the fridge, and the child can point at the juice box.  But if the juice in the fridge is apple, not grape, as soon as the child tastes it, they will know it’s not what they want… but they don’t have the words to say, ‘no, I want grape, not apple’.  The child grasps perfectly the concept of wanting grape juice, but may lack the understanding that there’s not actually any grape juice in the fridge at that moment, or  else they lack the communication ability to express the desire for one particular juice over another to its mother.  I’m pretty sure that’s what the ‘terrible twos’ are all about.  Frustration. Continue reading “The Spiritual ‘Terrible Twos’”