Since it’s part of the actual blog title, I figured I’d make my first ‘real’ post about semantics, and create a list to clear up a few things.  You’ll find out that I am a big fan of lists.  So far, I’ve managed to have one in every blog post!  Here’s another!

  • Vibration – Feelings = Emotion = Energy = Vibration = Frequency… I may use all of these words interchangeably.  This isn’t meant to be confusing.  They all mean the same thing to me, but each word may have a particular nuance that I am trying to get across.  Terms like ‘vibration’ and ‘frequency’ may seem a little too woo-woo for some of you, but rest assured that it’s just a new word for the same old energy.  “What’s wrong with the old words, then?” you might ask… and I’m glad you did!  The old words carry with them all of our old preconceptions, all of our old attachments to what something is; to what it feels like inside ourselves, what it feels like when we are receiving it from someone else.  Renaming the same old thing gives license to explore it in new ways, without being hindered by what it ‘should’ be.

  • Law of Attraction – let me preface what LOA is by telling you what it isn’t (according to me, at my current level of understanding): it isn’t wishing upon a star that one day your Porche will come; it isn’t praying, although sometimes prayer aligns with the law, and thus ‘works’; it isn’t a magic pill to fix yourself, your life, someone else, someone else’s life, your city, your country, the world.  What LOA IS: energy work; self-therapy; taking responsibility for your life; raising your awareness above the mundane; awesome… if it makes sense to you… otherwise, it’s just a bunch of meaningless mumbo-jumbo.  If you’re drawn to it because you think it’s a shortcut to getting rich, getting healthy, finding love, or an ‘easy way’ to get anything else, then do yourself a favor: close your web browser, turn off The Secret, and find a different interest to pursue.  LOA is serious, difficult, self-reflection.  If you can’t look within and see what needs attention, what needs to be changed, worked on, improved, accepted, forgiven, reprogrammed… then LOA is simply not right for you RIGHT NOW.  When the ‘woo-woo’ turns into ‘whoa-whoa’, please, come on back.  I promise I’ll save you a seat.
  • Authentic – This one is murky.  I’m working on my authenticity, so its meaning is somewhat fluid for me at the moment, but for now, I mean authentic as something different from real, or honest (although it is both of these things); you can be honest without being authentic.  I am an extremely honest person, but very rarely have I been authentic.  Not because I didn’t want to, but because I didn’t know that there was a more authentic me to be.

I’ll stop the list here for now.  I’m sure that I will come across more terms that I feel would benefit from further explanation of how or why I use them, and perhaps they may even garner their own static page on my blog.  In making sure we mean the same thing when we say the same words, I am teaching you my language.  I’m dialing you in to the Amanda station.

As an aside, let me just say that I am very excited about this blog.  I’ve had several, and I have never had blog post ideas just fighting to be written, coming at me from all directions.  I guess this is what ‘they’ meant when they said to write what you love…!


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