The Expedition

I think we’ve all heard the phrase, ‘Down the rabbit hole’.  I believe it originated as an Alice in Wonderland reference, and it basically means ‘Mind blowing shit inside’… but the sandbox I’m playing in, well, even rabbit holes are just a little too straight forward.  I’m going to take you on a trip down the mole hole.

If you’ve ever had moles in your yard, you’ll know what I mean.  Their tunnels twist and turn, branching off this way and that… a veritable maze.  And that’s where we’re going.  You don’t have to come along, in fact, some of you who read this are neither invited nor wanted along.   You see, I am looking for a specific type of person to accompany me on this trip, a person willing to step inside the realm of possibility with both feet.  A person willing to let go (at least, for a little while) of WHAT IS, and play in the WHAT IF.  I am on a Spiritual Journey, and I’m looking for a few adventurous folks to come along.

Anyone is welcome to try on this expedition for size, and if you decide it’s not for you, now or further down the road, the exit is ALWAYS up and to the right from anywhere inside.

For those of you still with me, here’s an idea of what you can expect in the future:


  • Law of Attraction musings
  • Cross-pollination of mainstream religions, with one another, and with LOA
  • Talk of energy, vibration, woo-woo stuff
  • Authenticity – what that means is: I’m going to say what I mean, mean what I say, and try not to say it meanly.  It’s my blog, and I’ve already pointed out the exits, so if you see something that makes you want to leave, do so with my blessing and my goodwill, but I will not sacrifice my authenticity on the altar of your morality.
  •  Cursing.  Because I curse.
  • Change.  As I said, this is a journey.  My understanding of something can potentially change from one day to the next (and it has), so my truth today may change by tomorrow.  It doesn’t mean one way is wrong, it means that I have grown since then.  Sometimes growth happens fast, sometimes it happens slow.  Lately it’s been fast, so you may very well love my blog today, and despise it next week.  I’m okay with that.  Top right.  Blessings.  Goodwill.
  • Absences.  This is one that I am going to TRY to avoid.  Even though I don’t want to be flaky, I feel it’s only fair to warn you of the possibility from the start.  This isn’t my first blog.  Or my second.  But I’m not just trying to grow spiritually, I am also trying to grow… characterally?  I know that’s not an actual word.  Developing self-discipline is something I need to work on.  Hopefully the fact that I’ve picked something to blog about that I can discuss for hours will help with that.  Feel free to bombard me with accountability messages if you notice me slacking.  Better yet, send me a question.  When I’m not posting, it’s almost always because I don’t have anything I think is important enough to mention.  Interact with me, and I come alive.

I’m looking forward to this, and hoping it’ll lead where it feels to me like it’s leading.  (Oh, the mystery!)  I’m really looking forward to  meeting some like-minded people, and to seeing what the future holds!


5 thoughts on “The Expedition

  1. sounds like a fun journey. I’m already down here, 4th mole hole to the left, down two turns and then go past the grubs. 🙂 I’ll watch as you go by…. Have a great journey on your publicized trip, but remember, it’s for YOU. I’ve had some great insights that really opened my mind, and thought WOW!!! this mole tunnel is fantastic – why doesn’t EVERYONE do this???!!!! BUT, then I realized- they were either still asleep and content in life, OR in their own hole trying to describe it their way- equally excited. So, I’ve added more Absences, and just let insights soak in for me. Every once in a while when I get a crazy notion, I’ll add it to my past writing, but more the most part, IT’S ALL ONLY MEANT FOR ME. I may be stopping in once in a while to check out your trip and ideas, to me – it’s the best way to learn- listen to other’s experiences…Besides, I like your passion, your wit, your style of writing- so keep expanding and having FUN!!! I wish you a fantastic, enlightening, fun- filled life and journey. It’s so damn FUN to feel ALIVE and INSPIRED and CURIOUS – isn’t it?? 🙂 🙂 your fellow journey man and friend, MomentumMikey

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    1. MomentumMikey… welcome!

      I’m so glad you stopped by! You’re my very first comment! It’s like being the first person to sign a cast, I suppose. Although, there are doubtless more commentless blogs than there are signature-less casts… but I digress.

      I have discovered that I am one of those people who KNOWS HOW IT IS, until your completely rational, logical argument makes me realize I actually knew nothing at all. I need the give and take of conversation to help me ‘try on’ my ideas, revelations, and ponderings. Like trying on a new pair of shoes. Until you walk in them a little bit, you can’t tell where they’ll pinch, or if they’ll rub your heels raw.

      I *totally* get what you mean by ‘in their own hole, trying to describe it their way’… hence the ‘Semantics’ in my blog title. It’s my own personal reminder that words are just concepts we use to label specific energy, and to release my attachment to the words, and focus on the energy behind them… so many times we end up in an argument, simply because we don’t realize we’re arguing labels, not ingredients! <— nifty future blog post title! Score!

      And don't worry… my big theme for 2017 is Discovering ME… and this blog will not be immune! I licked it. It's mine. 😀

      Hope to see you around!

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