Madness Is Subjective

My husband, bless his heart, thinks I’m absolutely mental.  To him, LOA is absolute gibberish; pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking.

“I’m a realist,” he says.

This, despite the fact that I have PROVEN to him that a single sentence can alter his ‘reality’, at any given moment.  In fact, I do so on a regular basis.  This one sentence has become his mantra when he’s having a shit day at work:

“It could be worse, I could still be working with Mack.”

No matter how bad his day is going, if his problems are work-related, this single thought changes his reality and instantly pulls him into a higher vibration state.

Every.  Single.  Time.

In the face of that, to not be utterly awed by the possibility of what your life could become if you began to consciously monitor and change your thoughts, to pay attention to the frequency your thoughts are tuned to, and adjust them as needed to maintain a higher energy… to that, I say nay my love, nay!  I am not the mental one!

The following is the analogy I used during our most recent conversation…

If I had a box, and told you that every time you opened it, there would be a one-hundred dollar bill inside, you wouldn’t believe me.  You’d think I was mental.

But if I gave you your own box, and you saw for yourself that it worked, that every time you opened the box, there was another hundred dollar bill inside, then what?  Would you keep the box, or would you hand it back to me, saying “That’s all well and good but… I’m a realist.”

Which one of us is the mental one?  I’ll tell ya one thing, buddy… I may be a little ‘unbalanced‘, but you’re the one who’s off his rocker!

What if it’s not money? What if it’s something even more precious, like happiness… or love… or peace?

What if I told you that I knew of a secret door which led to a parallel reality, one in which there is mostly good with only a pinch of sorrow?  One where other people conspired to lift you toward greatness instead of pulling you down to the depths of despair?

If I led you to this door, opened it, showed you it was real, then closed the door and told you that all you needed was the key, and you could go there ANYTIME you liked, in fact, you never had to come back to this reality again, if you so choose, would you simply walk away?

How is denying the proof which you have EXPERIENCED YOURSELF being a ‘realist’?  That’s akin to standing waist-deep in the ocean, exclaiming that you don’t believe water is wet.  It’s utter madness!

You’re reveling in your ‘reality’ of misery and resignation, when you could be frolicking with puppies and butterflies in a field of freaking daisies!


So, that is an embellished recounting of our conversation…

I mean, really… the man is absolutely mental.


3 thoughts on “Madness Is Subjective

  1. I see where you’re coming from, but if there’s one lesson that has saved me a lot of grief when I discover a truth that makes me happy and fills me with a desire to change the lives of others by sharing it, it is this: it is not a truth for anyone else until their journey leads them there in their own time- maybe it will resonate someday, maybe it won’t.

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    1. Your words are true.

      I think a large part of our need to ‘share’ our groundbreaking discoveries with others is a subconscious need for validation. A need to know if this amazing discovery is really all we think it is. If it blows someone else away, then our excitement is validated. However, when someone doesn’t share in our enthusiasm, we are immediately deflated. Why? Because we then begin to doubt or question whether we should feel so excited about it, and it pulls our energy to a lower level that it had previously been, which frustrates us, because we weren’t ready to give up the ‘high’ we got from the discovery.

      Well now… that insight may not apply to anyone else, but it damn sure applies to ME.

      I am grateful for the gift of your comment. Truly. It allowed me to realize something about myself that I hadn’t actually thought about before now. Thank you!

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      1. Yep, perhaps need for validation or verification of our findings on another test case 😂, but also
        I think it is natural when we discover something amazing to want to help people we love with that discovery, but love also requires respecting the journey of others. Now I just tell people what I’m doing and how it has helped me and leave it to them to ask more if they’re interested. Glad I helped, you’re welcome! 😊

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