Be Still and Listen

The world has not grown so loud that I cannot hear you when you call.  The chaos of man cannot drown out my reply when you sit in stillness and wait.  Your patience will be rewarded, your gifts will fill your soul and overflow.

Do not doubt yourself.  Your faith in me is true, it’s your faith in yourself that is weak.  Listen to the quiet voice within when it speaks, and I will provide you the guidance to lead you to greater things.

I have not left this place.  I have not abandoned you.  Where you seek me, I will be, you simply have to be still and listen for my voice.

Leave fear behind.  Rejoice in the joy that is to come.


For the first time in my life, I was moved to tears by the call of a bird.

I was late in my meditation (a practice I have recently taken up), and decided to try meditating where I was, sitting on my sofa, no music, no guidance, just Being.  I wanted to explore the root chakra, as it’s the source of grounding, and I want to establish a stable foundation in my spiritual practices. I couldn’t seem to get comfortable, so I crossed my legs beneath me and, while more comfortable, I just FELT the separation between the earth and myself.

Something inside me said, “You don’t spend enough time connecting with the earth, you should go outside, sit on the ground, get to know the feel of what you’re seeking.”  I decided to just go with it, threw on some slippers, grabbed a blanket, and headed out to the back yard.  I found a spot beneath a tree that seemed good, spread the blanket and sat.

It was SO LOUD! There was someone using a chainsaw, it sounded like someone else was riding an ATV or a go-kart, cars, what may have been a leaf blower, a dog barking… I was tempted to go back inside.  It’s not like I’m a seasoned meditation practitioner, and I’d always used guided meditations or music; this was just me, my blanket, the tree, the ground… and the noise.

I wasn’t ready to give up, though.  Concentrate on my breathing, straighten my spine, get distracted, repeat.  It wasn’t working.

Something told me to place my hands flat, palms touching, fingers straight, thumbs level with my nose, and inhale, drawing my hands down my body while picturing pure energy pulling into my body, being drawn down as I drew my hands toward my waist.  When my lungs were full, exhale, and push my hands apart and away from me, pulling the energy further down and then away.

I continued this until I felt like I had done it ‘enough’, then resumed my still position, hands on my knees.  After a few minutes I began to feel better, like it was starting to ‘work’ (whatever that meant!).  Again, I ‘heard’ the voice say, “Listen.  Listen past the sounds of humanity, and hear the sound of the earth, listen for the voice you are trying to hear.”

Slowly I began to hear the rustle of a leaf and far away, quiet chirps of birds beneath the obnoxious sound of the chainsaw and the leaf blower.  Then it happened.

Everything fell silent.

The silence was broken by a single bird calling from a tree within my own yard.  It was only a few moments before the raucous machines started up again, but I could still hear the bird.  The call of the bird began to fade.  It must have only lasted perhaps eight or ten seconds, but it was long enough.  My body was swept by a sensation I can’t describe, and tears began to leak from the corners of my closed eyes.  The words I opened this post with began to fill my heart, and I was full of gratitude and joy and peace.


I didn’t share this to impress anyone, or to make it seem like I am in any way ‘special’ or more spiritual than anyone else… I share it in the hope that if there is anyone besides myself that needs to hear these words at some point in their life, that they find you when you need them most.

I honor the Divine within each of you, and wish you peace and love.


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