Oxygen and Energy

Forget the money.  The mansions and Ferrari’s and designer handbags for a minute.  Just think of what it would feel like to live a life of peace, of harmony with everyone and everything around you… even if nothing changed.  Even if things got worse.

Without love, tranquility, and joy… how can you ever be at peace, even if you acquire all the fame and fortune you could imagine?  It’s that centered-within happiness that allows us to receive bounty, and remain in alignment with it, instead of being thrust into a mindset of scarcity, and fear of losing it the moment it’s within our grasp.

The fear of loss we feel in regard to something is in direct proportion to our belief of its importance and the ease with which we believe it can be replaced.

Think of the energy we receive from the Universe like the oxygen our bodies receive from the air.  It’s all the same oxygen, within and without.  Once its inside us, though, our bodies take over the task of distributing it.  If it goes to healthy cells, healthy cell growth occurs.  However, if that same oxygen is used instead to feed unhealthy cells, it becomes a cancer in the body, eventually resulting in death, if we don’t find a way to ‘fix’ it.  It’s the same oxygen, but it’s how we use it that determines whether it is beneficial or detrimental to our health.

And so it is with the Universe.

There’s no punishment, no reward… the Universe is sending you the very same energy as every other person in existence.  It’s what you use it to feed once you receive it that determines your result.

To continue with the oxygen/energy analogy, you can’t hold on to a particular energy out of fear of losing it.  The only way to prevent loss is to prevent gain, as well.  The only way to stop exhaling is to stop inhaling… and if you’re reading about LOA, it’s doubtful you have the desire to stop inhaling any time soon.

Energy is the oxygen of your reality.  Be vigilant about which cells you’re feeding with it.



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