Frequency Hijackers

Have you ever been around someone in a ‘mood’, and no matter how much you joke, cajole, tease, or point out the silver lining, they refuse to stop being miserable?

Have you ever been around someone who was insufferably cheerful, brimming with so much optimism you wanted to puke… or punch them in the face?


You have experienced first-hand not only the pull of energy, but resistance to it, as well.  These are two concepts you need to grasp when dealing with LOA, so it’s good that you have something to associate with them.

When you find yourself around someone that bothers you, the ‘irritation’ you are feeling is a sign that their energy is within a range that is outside of your current comfort zone.  If that person tries to force your energy to a level you are uncomfortable with, or if you are unable to maintain your energy level in the face of theirs (even if they aren’t consciously making an effort to affect you), this will often result in anger.  Anger is our go-to emotion when our boundaries are being crossed, and hijacking our vibration without our consent is definitely crossing a boundary.

Story time!

So, the other day I went to lunch with a person who shall remain nameless (not that I expect him to read this blog, but still…), and the service was… less than favorable throughout the entire experience.  As we left, we were discussing the service quality.  I have a penchant for complaining about things, but rarely do I make it personal, but this person loves to make the negativity personal.

After a few minutes, I began to say things like, “Well, maybe she had something on her mind that was affecting her work,” or “Maybe she was having a bad day,”.  I didn’t realize it until afterward, but what I was doing was ‘recreating my reality’, in an attempt to bring myself into a higher vibration.  It’s something I’ve always done, and it’s the fastest way to pull myself out of a funk.

After a few rounds of me countering a negative comment with a positive ‘rewrite’, this person became very agitated with me, very agitated, and said, ‘You’re just like [his wife], always making excuses for everything.’


I’m not making excuses… I’m extending grace to a person, in order to maintain  (or improve) my own level of vibration.  The more I thought about it, I also realized that this person has made their energetic ‘home’ in negativity for years. It’s what they know, where they’re comfortable, and whenever I am around them, it is a constant energetic tug-of-war… neither of us willing to get on the other’s ‘level’ without a fight… a fight I usually lose, my positive vibration being no match for the steamroller of his negativity.

The good news is, now I can see this energetic scuffling for what it is, and I can devise battle plans to keep to the ‘high road’.  I read somewhere recently that your vibration level should be the most sacred thing in the world to you, because it shapes everything in your reality.

I plan to be more aware of ‘frequency hijackers’, and devise a list of strategies with which to combat them… which sounds like it will make an excellent post for the future!

As a final note, I’d like to mention that when someone gets irritated with you, stop for a moment and ask yourself if you could be affecting their energy, whether you mean to or not.  As in my story… I was doing more than trying to raise my own energy… on a subconscious level, I was also trying to affect his (which is why I verbally countered his complaints) out of self defense,  because I could feel the pull of his negative energy affecting me.  A fact which I only realized after the fact.

So stay aware of your vibrations, as well as those around you, keep them sacred, and treat other’s energy as sacrosanct as well… or you may find yourself sucked in, whether you want to be or not.


8 thoughts on “Frequency Hijackers

  1. I totally understand what you mean. I personally believe that people who are unhappy focus too much on the past and the future instead of what is in front of them. When there is a disparity in the energy levels between two people, one or the other will go into what I call call “fight or flight” as you explained earlier through anger.

    Thanks for the share! 🙂 check out my blog we have quite a lot in common

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  2. “Energetic scuffling” – sounds about right! This is a great post highlighting what I feel we all experience, whether we’re aware of it or not. I also appreciate that you mention being aware of how our own frequencies may be “hijacking” others, even if it’s positive energy. Definitely going to sit with this for a bit. Thank you!

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  3. Great post. I like how you pointed pout not only the resistance when someone is miserable but also when someone is happy. It happens both ways. Regardless of where we are on our journeys we have bad days and can find oursleves on a lower vibration of someone else around us. My goal is to love others through that process so I can than know how to love myself back. Great post again.

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  4. This is exactly why I created my other wordpress blog on blessings. It was suggested I try too hard to find good things in the middle of everything, but I don’t care!!!! It isn’t always easy to find blessings inside a day or experience, but they do exist. Not an excuse, a reason to show where a shine exists. Can one be a realistic Pollyanna (Note: I loved that book!)???

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    1. I used to feel like I was doing something ‘wrong’ for doing that, but now that I understand a bit better about energy and vibration, I realize that there are certain vibrations I just DON’T like… and try very hard to keep myself out of.

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