Are Your ‘Life Lessons’ on Repeat?

I’ve often heard the saying, “If we forget the past, we’re doomed to repeat it,” or the similar, “The experience is repeated until the lesson is learned.

I’ve known this to be true from observing my own life, and the lives of those around me.  We’re drawn into the same relationships, the same experiences, over and over again… but I’ve recently understood that learning the lesson is only half the ‘solution’.

The ‘pill’ I’m about to offer may be difficult to swallow for some.  Others will reject it outright.  But I believe those who are ready will read these words and hear the truth of them.   If you’re not ready… that’s OKAY.  My truth and your truth don’t need to be in lockstep.  Truth, as much as we’d often insist that it is absolute – black and white – is much more subjective than we would like to believe.

The hardships we experience in life serve a purpose.  Their purpose is to teach us valuable lessons and experiences, guiding us toward our ‘experience purpose’.  If you came here to be a healer, you must first experience pain.  If you’ve ever been to a doctor who obviously had no compassion for the situation you are experiencing, you will understand what I mean.

You can’t create, if you can’t relate.

So, your hardships are merely the ‘Soul University’, where we learn and grow in order to better perform our purpose here.  The tricky part is, when we arrive on this Earth, we forget our purpose by design.  So we don’t understand until much later, if ever, why we had to go through these things.  The prize is only revealed after the fight has been won.

Our higher selves (Soul, Spirit) knew this would be the case, they literally signed up for this.  Our lower selves (the human part of us, the ego)… not so much.  If our lower selves had known what was coming, they would find some way to avoid it, effectively hamstringing our soul’s purpose here.

Anywho, back to the point…

Learning what the lesson is is simply not going to stop it from ‘replaying’, because learning the lesson simply means that your lower self has finally understood why it was made to endure the experience… but the lesson isn’t intended for the lower self.  The lessons are intended for the higher self, the self who came here with a purpose, and when that self learns the lesson, you will know.  And until THAT self learns the lesson, it will keep repeating.

I’ve written several posts recently about taking back your power, and about places where we lose power, and here’s the thing… that ‘power leak’… it’s a lesson.  It’s a sign that a lesson lies within the experience, but…

You can reclaim your power without ever learning the lesson.

Meaning, the power will leak again, and again, and again.  It’s like catching the water dripping from a cracked bucket, and tossing it back into the bucket.  It’s just going to keep dripping, you’ll keep tossing, over and over, until you FIX THE BLOODY LEAK.  Or in keeping with the verbiage of the post, until your higher self learns the lesson.  (Just as an aside, let me say this… if number of leaks indicates number of lessons, and number of lessons equates to the importance of your ‘soul purpose’… I must have a doozy of a purpose, because my ‘power bucket’ leaks like a sieve, LOL!)

So, the million dollar question is… how do we know when our higher self has finally learned the lesson?  The answer is simple.

We feel gratitude for the experience.

That is how you ‘fix your leak’.  Simple, right?  Most of us who are on this path have started to catch on that most of the time, the answers actually are simple.  Think about it.  We spend our entire lives trying to become the very thing we were when we arrived on this earth.  Babies are 100% authentic, they know what they want, and they embody pure love.  Before they are tainted by the ‘real world’ (and by this, I mean those who have spent more than a few years here- including their parents), children are very independent.  They don’t worry about what they will eat unless it doesn’t come when they need it.  They don’t worry about what to wear until someone tells them they should be wearing something.  They are easily startled, but they fear nothing.  They get hurt, but it’s forgotten as soon as the pain fades.  They love without regard to race, gender, stature, status… until they are taught otherwise.  We spend our entire existence attempting to retrace our steps back to the Being we arrived here as.  We were perfect, loving Beings who arrived with a purpose, but we were hijacked and reprogrammed by the human condition.  The solutions we seek must be simple.  They must be easy.  Babies can do it.  YOU can do it.  What makes it difficult is that, unlike electronics, the human experience doesn’t come with a ‘factory reset’ button.

The higher self feels gratitude for the experience, because it has finally understood how the experience relates to its ‘purpose’, and what the higher self, the soul, desires more than anything, is to fulfill its purpose here.  The souls who did these awful things to us were teaching us.  They were fulfilling their ‘agreements’ with our own soul, made when we were all together before coming here.

The gratitude we feel is more than simply realizing why or how an experience puts you on the path toward your soul purpose, it’s gratitude for the person that facilitated the lesson.  Yes, you heard me right.  You feel gratitude for your abuser.  For your cheating ex.  For your emotionally distant parent…

I may have lost you with that last paragraph, and that’s okay.  I would have lost myself with it only yesterday.  Hell, I would have lost myself with that paragraph three hours ago.  But in writing this post, I was suddenly struck with another insight, which turned into a follow-up post to this one, which focuses on why a lesson truly learned results in gratitude, not only for the lesson, but for the teacher as well, and that post is coming tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

Feel free to share your thoughts on this post in the comments below… I get SO MUCH insight into myself from hearing your feedback, and I am so grateful to those of you who share!  Thank you!!

7 thoughts on “Are Your ‘Life Lessons’ on Repeat?

  1. YES! So much yes. This falls right into my post yesterday in which I finally understood the reason behind my experiences and shifted into a state of gratitude for them. I realized how important they were for my higher self to go through. I have a belief that I may have had an extremely coddled and probably extremely well-off life prior to this one. I’ve had to learn hardship, the importance of money, and experience parents who just weren’t there. I’m thinking this may be meat for a future post, though I may lose some people when I start talking about reincarnation and past life karma. Lol, oh well! Actually, a year or so ago I got in touch with my father and expressed both my forgiveness and gratitude for his place in my life, however small it was. Not only was that incredibly healing for my(higher)self and acted as a catalyst, it was for him, too and we’ve been able to rekindle a friendship because of it. This was a fabulous post, Amanda! Thank you.

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    1. It’s funny… I ran across no less than three posts yesterday AFTER I wrote and scheduled both today and tomorrow’s posts that related, at least in part, to my own!
      Personally, I’m still working out my feelings about reincarnation, but anyone who is truly seeking their authentic truth should be willing to at the least hear someone else’s thoughts/beliefs without losing the plot, so I wouldn’t worry too much about sharing that… but on the other hand, people will be drawn to you for perhaps a single lesson, and an ‘off-putting’ post may be the impetus they need that prods them on toward their next lesson… so don’t be afraid to be controversial 🙂
      I’m so glad to hear that you found some healing with regard to your father! Question… the gratitude/forgiveness you feel, is it for his presence in your life, or does your gratitude encompass his ABSENCE as well? (Tomorrow’s post will clarify the purpose behind that question, lol)… and you don’t have to answer the question, I just wanted to put it out there for you (prepping you for tomorrow’s post, LOL).

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      1. It’s a culmination of both! Especially as his absence was greater than his actual presence, but even still I would consider his absence a presence as well. Not sure if that makes any sense! Lol 🙂 also, great point made about not being afraid of being controversial. Strange because I’m not at all fearful of being so in real life, but something about being so on the internet is a bit trepidatious for me. You’ve given me the push! Thank you. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

        Ps – just wanted you to know that I messaged you!

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      2. His absence being a presence in its own right makes perfect sense!

        How funny! I am MUCH more comfortable being controversial on my blog than in real life… although I still have anxiety about it.

        And I just replied to your message 🙂

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  2. It took me a long time to learn much of what you’ve written here Amanda and in addition to feeling ‘gratitude’ as you describe, is the sense of ‘excitement’ that I have started to feel when things seem to be going ‘disastrously’ wrong… because it’s happened often enough for me to now recognise that at some point in the not too distant future, I’ll be looking back and understanding why ‘that’ was necessary… whilst being ‘grateful’ for the lesson I’ve learned or for the arrival of something new in my life. Great post with lots of food for thought.. x


    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Wendy! I was so excited to see, after I’d scheduled this post, that your post for that day was also about life lessons! I just love seeing signs that I’m on the right track!

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      1. It never ceases to amaze me how often this seems to happen.. the people, the posts.. the lessons that happen … to put us on that track and then we need to be ‘observant’ to those things so we stay on the track! x

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