The Greatest Love of All

What if I told you that the people who have hurt you the most in your life are the souls who love you the most?

Crazy, right?  When you look at life as a ‘human experience’, it is an insane idea, but if you look at life as a ‘soul purpose’, and our ‘negative’ experiences as lessons, or nudges (shoves?) from other souls, intended to send us careening toward our true purpose, it starts to look a lot different.

The human side of us, the ego or ‘lower self’, doesn’t really have a purpose, other than to keep us breathing, and it only desires to find a comfy place and settle in for the long haul, but the spirit side of us, the higher self, came here with a definite purpose.  The lower self is not only unaware of the higher self’s purpose, it doesn’t care about it either.  It wants to be safe and happy and healthy.  It wants to live out its experience comfortably, and take take take, all the bounty and pleasure the world has to offer it.  It’s on vacation.

The higher self, on the other hand, is on a mission.  Unfortunately, though it eventually remembers it is on a mission, it doesn’t recall precisely what that mission is.  Enter the ‘Higher Purpose Buddy System’, and just like when you were in kindergarten, your buddies are here to make sure you don’t get lost, to make sure that you end up where you’re supposed to be, when you’re supposed to be there.  Sometimes, this takes the shape of a mentor, a friend, that person who was in the right place at the right time to give you the very thing you needed most to keep going another day.  But those are the easy jobs.  Which of us, when someone we love needs some kindness to keep them going, wouldn’t find it easy to give them that kindness?  Being the ‘positive purpose reinforcement’ is easy.

Many of you who are parents will understand this fairly easily.  You know what it’s like to be the ‘bad guy’ for the sake of love.  You understand that the love you feel is why you choose the hard approach… and you know just how much it hurts to do it.  The love of a parent for their child that fuels their willingness to be the ‘bad’ guy, for the ultimate good of a child is a weak mirror of the love that the ‘higher self’, the soul, feels for each and every soul within each and every human experience we encounter.  It hurts.  Deeply.  So imagine just how much the soul within that person must have loved you, if they were willing to experience the agony of causing you that amount of pain in order to make sure you didn’t lose your purpose.

Don’t think of the human side of it.  The human side of us is practically a zombie.  It has no clue what’s going on, and there is no higher meaning to its participation.  Think of it in spiritual terms.

If you believe that within each of us is a being of pure love and light, here on a mission, then whether you like it or not, that same selfless, loving being is within your ‘tormentor’ as well… and if teaching the lesson requires doing something horrible to you, imagine how much it must pain that pure, loving being residing within.  How important must you be to them, if they were willing to agree to do this awful thing, just to help you remember/accomplish your mission in this place?

When the ‘lesson’ has been learned, and the higher self recognizes the sacrifice that their fellow soul has made for them, they cannot help but be filled with love and gratitude for it.  ‘It’ meaning not just the lesson, but the soul within the ‘Earth Suit’ that loved them enough to go against their very nature, just to help you.

When the lesson ‘repeats’, when our own ‘higher self’ is being obtuse or stubborn, every single time, every single person, represents a soul that loved you enough to say, “If you’re on the wrong track by this point in your journey, I will remind you of your purpose.  I will give you a push in the right direction.  I won’t let you get lost.”

If you have a Purpose of Great Importance in this life, if you have chosen a big mission, take a moment to consider how many souls may have chosen to come here, and endure the things a person must endure to become capable of doing some of the horrible things humanity does to one another, for the sole purpose of being where they needed to be, when they needed to be there, to give you the lesson you needed to receive in order to achieve your Great Purpose.

If you’ve ever looked at someone and asked yourself, “How can they not want more?”, perhaps you are looking at a soul who signed up for this life simply to be a ‘supporting role’ in someone else’s Purpose of Great Importance.  They don’t share your burning desire to ‘find your purpose’ because, unlike yourself, they are already living it.  Perhaps their purpose doesn’t require ‘enlightenment’.  Perhaps their purpose requires baseness, brutality, and hardening in order to give the lesson when the time is right.

You don’t have to buy into what I’m selling here… I know I say this all the time, but seriously, take what works for you, and toss what doesn’t.  Those who need to hear this will hear the truth in the words, and to those who don’t need it, it will sound like madness, lol.


3 thoughts on “The Greatest Love of All

    1. Thank you! I figured that this one would be a little harder to swallow than most. It’s not easy thinking about the people who have done terrible things to us as anything other than terrible, lol.

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