The Greatest Love of All Part II

Yesterday, I spoke about a fairly radical concept- the idea that the humans who hurt us the most are inhabited by the souls which love us the most.  I understand that this can be a difficult premise to get behind.  It’s an if/then scenario, which only works if you believe that within us all is a pure, divine Being.

After I wrote that post, I sat with the idea, ‘feeling it out’ beyond the initial inspiration  (you see, I write for you guys as it comes to me… I meant it when I said you were sharing this journey with me!), and I got an even deeper insight into what this means…

If I concede that the people who have hurt me, some terribly so, did so because of a ‘soul agreement’ entered into before our arrival on this plane, then there’s another major counter-argument to this concept which I hadn’t even thought about:

Every awful thing I had ever done to someone else would then have to be the result of a soul agreement as well.

Now, obviously, I don’t say this as an excuse to simply go around being an asshole and say, “Weeell, we must have had a soul agreement!”  I would hope it stands to reason that anyone searching for a way to find forgiveness within themselves for those who have harmed them wouldn’t do such a thing.

No, what this means is that the same concept which freely offers a means of forgiveness for those who have hurt me, is the very same concept which offers a means to forgive myself for the hurt I have caused.

Ho-ly shit!

Am I the only one who finds the idea of forgiving myself for the harm I have done to others even more difficult to accept than forgiving them for harm done to me?  Difficult, but amazing!

All of the guilt, all of the mental anguish I put myself through, I can release.  All of the things I tell myself I ‘don’t deserve’ because of the hurt I have caused others… I can now allow, because with that single concept, I am granted the same pardon which I give to others.

That’s a helluva concept, indeed.


2 thoughts on “The Greatest Love of All Part II

  1. Definitely not the only one! I can pretty freely offer forgiveness and understanding to others but struggle with reflecting that back to myself. We truly are our worst critics. For some reason I feel as though I have to put myself through a world of guilt and shame before I can allow myself to forgive what I’ve done. My boyfriend gets frustrated with me for it, lol.

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