A Closer Look At Failure

What is failure?

Who decides whether we have, indeed, failed?

Who wrote your definitions of success and failure?

Was it you?  Was it your parents?  Your teachers?  Your priest?  Your wife?  Or perhaps the ethereal ‘they’ of society at large?

If it isn’t your own voice you hear calling you a success or a failure, first of all, you’re on the wrong channel, and you need to do some tuning on your dial.  If it’s your mom’s voice telling you you’re an idiot because you spilled something, tell that thought to fuck off while you clean up the mess, and ask yourself whether creating the mess makes you a success or a failure. Continue reading “A Closer Look At Failure”

What Do You Feel?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what you’re feeling?  Not how you’re feeling, but what you’re feeling?

If you’re like me, you probably never stopped, as an adult, to question the labels you gave certain feelings as a child.  Tonight, I had a major realization, that somehow, as a child, I mislabeled the combination of desire and anxiety as FEAR, then I cleverly disguised fear as ‘aversion’, or the opposite of desire!

I spent my entire life believing that there wasn’t anything I wanted to do!  I thought I lacked desire, but the truth is, I didn’t understand that the feelings I was having… THAT’S WHAT MEANINGFUL DESIRE FEELS LIKE!  The meaningful desires, the important desires, they’re SUPPOSED to be a little scary, a little challenging… they’re supposed to make you GROW! Continue reading “What Do You Feel?”

Brag Blog!

So, I just have to share how amazing my life is right now.  I even titled it ‘Brag’, so no bitching in the comments about my post sounding a little ‘braggardly’.  Braggard-ish.  Whatever.  This is your trigger warning, folks.  Don’t walk away mad.

So, at this very moment, I’m sitting in my recliner, feet up, relaxing music on the 55″ flatscreen, a candle on each side of the room, a water fountain and fading RGB light on the table by my head, essential oil/aromatherapy going, freshly showered, neck pillow on, house to myself, writing this post.

I’m regretting causing some of you to despise me right now, but I just HAD to document this moment for eternity.

Blessings to you all!