Self Care is VITAL for caretakers! 


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    1. My favorite line I heard recently:

      You cannot serve others from an empty vessel.

      My own caretaking experiences have proven the truth of this to me. If you don’t make caring for YOURSELF a priority, you can’t give the best care you are capable of giving to those in your care. I wish I had made self-care a priority long ago, but today is a great day to start. I love helping others, but if I’m running on fumes, I’m no good to myself, much less anyone else!

      Make self care a priority in your life… even if it’s just five minutes in the morning and before you go to sleep. Splurge on your favorite lotion, body wash or perfume, or buy yourself a BOOK (I know how much you love to read!) and commit to no less than ten minutes a day of reading your book! Self-care doesn’t have to be spa days and weekend trips to ‘recharge’… it’s just remembering to take care of yourself, before you get burnt out and worn to a frazzle. Valuing yourself. That can be completely free and as short or lengthy you can allow it to be!

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      1. I have lots of time for myself…sort of. Things are better now that we are at my mum’s. I can run away to the basement and not know what she is up to. Which isn’t always good. The day she ate all sorts of things and her glucose reached 511. Yeah, happens often. BUT, as I was saying. I do read and find time to do some things. Yesterday, I got to walk outside. Yup, good things.

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  1. And *that* is self care! It’s just paying attention to your feelings, and pausing to recharge your emotion/rebalance your vibration before you get so low it affects your mood.


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