Wise Woman (A Poem)

Ah! Hello, brilliant!

Thought I was going to say ‘beautiful’,

didn’t you?

Not that you aren’t.

Beautiful, that is.

But your mind…

Oh, that mind!

That sexy, 

.     .brilliant,

.     .     .clever,


mind of yours, dear!

It thrills me.

It takes me places

I’ve only dreamed could exist.

Your mind makes me ache

in places no body

can touch.

You worry so much

about the shape you take

in the physical manifestation

of your mind.

(whispers, “and by that, I mean

‘your body'”)

But honey, don’t you get it?

The petals adorning the flower

are nothing more

than the call which becons

the bee.

It’s the flavor of the nectar

which makes a flower memorable

once it’s gone.

No one- not your boss,

not your mate, not your children,

nor your parents

will recall you

with any less fondness

(or more)

if you were shaped any differently

than you are

in this moment.

Who you are,

not how you’re shaped,

is the reality that matters


Revel in your status

of Outlier.

Rejoice, sister!

Rejoice in the freedom

of life

outside the herd.

It makes you tough.

It makes you hard.

It makes you battle-weary

and bruised;

but it gives you fire.

It gives you freedom

and wisdom

beyond your years.

Rise up, sister!

Awaken to the new day

that’s dawning

upon Earth

(the Great Mother),

Feel her power

as she stirs

from within her deep slumber;

feel it stir within your belly

and pool between your thighs.

She awakens.

The Great Mother.

And when she is risen

she will call her children to her.

It is not your vessel,

dear sister,

which heeds the call,

but the essence


It’s the mind to which

the Great Mother cries out.


9 thoughts on “Wise Woman (A Poem)

    1. Wow! Thank you very much! What an unexpected delight to find in my notifications today! (Sorry I took awhile, you commented while I was on a brief hiatus…) Welcome, and thank you for commenting such a lovely compliment!

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