Recommended Media

I’d like to take a few moments to share some of my reading list with you.  Some books and videos etc. that have helped propel me forward in my own personal journey.

I will try to put them into some semblance of order, but really, if you read/watch something that doesn’t resonate, set it aside and try it again in a few weeks or months.

I’ve been ‘studying’ myself for decades.  Lots of time alone leaves lots of time to mull life over.  Some of these things I ran across years back, and it made absolutely zero sense.  But now, it’s clear as day.

As of the writing of this post, I’m not an affiliate of anything.  This blog isn’t monetized at all, so I get nothing if you decide to buy anything on this list (but hey, I’ll take donations, if you’re feeling grateful…)

Kyle Cease‘I Hope I Screw This Up’ (and if you buy it online [I came across it through an FB ad] it comes with access to a 2 hour video of his 2-day seminar titled, “The Limitation Game”).  The book is basically ‘stream of consciousness’ style (sort of like a lot of my posts) so, if you do well with that type of writing, you will enjoy the book… but the video is AWESOME. (Update from Mr. Cease’s staff:“…we don’t have a public link for you to share; however, anyone who does have a book is certainly welcome to get their own login details to access the film by completing Step 2 here:

If anyone has any problems registering, they’re also welcome to email us here with a picture of their receipt, and we’ll be happy to send them access.)

Gay Hendricks, PhD – ‘Learning to Love Yourself’ (I recommend getting the bundle, for the additional workbook).  I love, love, love, this book, and if I had to only recommend you buy one thing, it would be this bundle (or just the book, if you prefer). The link to the bundle I found.  (Update from G.H. Staff: unfortunately, all they did was send me affiliate stuff, which I have no desire to do at this time.  I believe I paid $26 or $29 for my bundle.)  I was disappointed that there was such a lack of personal response, and typical form letter crap when trying to connect, but they were quick to reply, and I didn’t try to press further, so perhaps there is more ‘personal attention’ when pressed past initial contact.  But the book is incredible either way (if you ignore the duplicate paragraph a ways into the book).

Esther/Abraham Hicks – YouTube videos, definitely.  I’ve not yet read any of the books, because the YouTube videos keep coming for free.  This link will take you to lots of ad-free videos (not my channel- in fact, I don’t know this person at all, but I am grateful for their kindness in keeping ads out of the videos!).  The Abraham Hicks website can be found here

 The Bible – weird, right?  Since I started this blog with such a big to-do about how I no longer identify as ‘Christian’, in the traditional sense.  Oddly enough, when I re-read the Bible with the understanding that God is love, and Jesus was trying to show us that, and free us from our ‘unloving-ness’… it’s been really awesome (and enjoyable) to read!  I recommend this one waaayyy down the path, though.  If you read it and start feeling bad, put it down.  Your mind isn’t processing it with love.

Marisa Peer – she’s just awesome.  I ordered the e-package of her ‘Perfect Weight Forever’ book, and really enjoyed it.  It addressed issues about food that I didn’t even know I had, but as soon as she spoke, I felt the truth of her words.  It felt very healing.  Truth be told, I didn’t actually finish it, but I’ve actually been losing weight without trying ever since, so…  I’m not saying that her book was the cause, but I can’t honestly say it wasn’t part of the final puzzle piece. The link should take you to her page.  I got the audiobook.  Her voice is soothing.  I am not an affiliate, nor do I benefit in any way if you purchase this. 


I hope you enjoyed this list.  If you have read/watched/listened to any of these, I’d love to hear your thoughts, and any recommendations you may have!

I plan to add to this list over time… and may convert the information to a static blog page later, for ease of use.



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