Finding Balance II: The Forgotten Conclusion

So sorry for the cliffhanger, guys!

I hadn’t realized when I posted it that I just… stopped typing, in the middle of a sentence, even.  Not just any sentence, either, but the big conclusion sentence!

I decided to make a new post and laugh about it, instead of trying to go back into that energy again, just to finish a thought about yesterday’s negative news, and plus, that post was loooooonnnggg.  Too long.  I simply couldn’t bear asking anyone who’d made it to the end of that mess to read another damn word!

I am so over the drama!  That weekend was an awesome weekend.  You know why?  Because I gave my friends the biggest, most beautiful wedding gift anyone could ask for… a do-over.  That weekend I was given the gift of clarity. Of focus. Of understanding. 

Every single one of those people gave me the gift of awareness.  The awareness of the places/people/things about which I have split energy.  I’m not upset with them at all, and I refuse to be upset with myself, either.  We were all doing the best we could that day, myself included, and I am just as entitled to my forgiveness as they are.  I’m tired of beating up on myself.  I’m tired of beating up on other people.

I like being happy.

I like believing the best about people.

I like ‘making excuses’ for the behavior of others, because it’s not ‘making excuses’ at all.  We have no clue what other people are going through and I’m done assuming that they’re just being jerks or that things aren’t somehow working out to my benefit. 

There’s absolutely no reason not to.


2 thoughts on “Finding Balance II: The Forgotten Conclusion

    1. LOL… I’m hard-core. I truly believe that there’s not one single moment not to… but there’s lots of moments which I find it extremely difficult to. And that’s what I’m working on in me. 🙂

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