Day 2?

It feels like day 2 (the day I wrote this, which was 6/2).  Of what, though?

Of expectation.  Of excitement.  Of being awake and aware and happy and just… knowing.  Knowing it’s all working out.  Knowing it’s all as it should be.  Knowing I’m okay and you’re okay, and even if we aren’t right now, we will be.

Day 2 of that feeling- you know the one I mean- the one where you feel so good, you’re almost worried, because feeling that good is going to hurt when you come down… except I don’t have the dread anymore.  I’m not afraid of the ‘drop’ because I’m perfectly aware that any ‘drop’ I experience is of my own making, and will be as far (or as non-existent) as I allow it to be, and no more.

There’s freedom in that.   Freedom to soar as high and free as you wish, or to sink as low and be as enslaved to circumstances as you desire.  As Abraham Hicks is fond of saying, “you are so free, you can choose bondage.”  I’ve decided to stop doing that.

I’ve decided to stop putting limitations on my dreams.  They are no longer files under labels like ‘Someday’ and ‘After I Retire’… why should I?  How about freeing them with phrases like:

  • The moment I’m ready… or,
  • The instant I’m in alignment about it… or,
  • The moment I stop resisting…

This allows the Divine (Source, God, Infinite Intelligence, the Universe, etc) space to co-create with me in the NOW.  I’m removing some resistance/blocks just by changing how I talk about my dreams.  It frees them from the shackles of someday, and allows them space to come to fruition in the here and now… and I am ready. 

It’s been a long time since I have felt this excited about something.  It really doesn’t matter to me what is happening, or what’s lining up at this time for me… it’s all going to be awesome, so I’m just sitting back and letting the Universe point me toward the path that shines the brightest.


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