Stop Putting Things Off

​Some of you may notice the very strong resemblance to the voice/tone/style/language of Abraham Hicks.  That is because I am currently consuming hours upon hours of Abraham content on YouTube, daily.  This constant influx of tone and language does influence my writing.  While I wrote this, I was neither listening to nor reading any Abraham material… all of this came from my own mind, but it is voiced in the same style of the Abraham material, because it’s nearly the only thing I watch/listen to, outside of the occasional blog or Facebook foray. This is not an attempt to plagiarize or claim any of Esther-Abraham-Jerry Hicks’ material, in any way.  This is just a block of energy which I received, but haven’t developed my own ‘voice’ yet, so to speak, so I somewhat ‘borrowed’ Abraham’s style until I’ve found my own.  But there’s definitely some of my own personality in there… not even Abraham is quite that snarky to their audience as I have been here… although, to be fair, I was basically writing for an audience of one, myself, but thought I’d share with you guys, in case you found some value in it as well.  Enjoy.

Stop putting fun stuff off.  Stop waiting for someday.  Stop waiting for tomorrow.  Live for today, because it is all you have.  Live for this moment, because it is all you have.  Eat dessert first, if you always forget to save room.  Travel now.  See the world now.  Stop using money as an excuse not to feel absolutely amazing.  If you can watch porn and get aroused, you can watch videos of your dream vacation or home, soak in the music and the food and the culture from wherever you are.  Make friends with people who live there.  This is the digital age.  Stop sitting on your ass, feeling shitty because you don’t have enough money to physically go to that place at this time.  Take the condition of money out of the equation.  Take the condition of vacation time out of the equation.  Take the condition of the country being dead center of a war zone, currently out of the equation– or turned to dust, currently, because it no longer exists in the physical realm.  Stop allowing yourself to feel bad because someone, somewhere, once told you that you had to have the condition to have the feeling.  You do not.  You do not need to be loved by someone to feel love for them.  If that were so, there would be a lot less divorce.  There’d be a lot less marriage, too.  You do not need to be rich to live the life of your dreams.  You do not need to have your feet plunged into the hot, salty sand of the beach in order to feel as joyful and relaxed as if you were there.  If you shackle yourself to needing the condition to feel the feeling, you will spend your entire life chasing down conditions that make you feel good, and running from conditions that make you feel bad.

When you stop focusing on the conditions around you and start focusing on the feelings within you, and only saying those words that feel like love, and only thinking thoughts that make you feel joy and love and kindness… that’s when the magic happens.  That’s when your mind starts to get used to feeling good, to being happy, to being positive.  When the less good-feeling thoughts cross your mind, they start feeling uncomfortable.  When you change the way you talk or dress or eat, not because you’re making a ‘statement’, not because you’re rallying anyone to any cause, but because you’re taking time out of your day to listen to your soul, to talk to your Inner Being, to hear good, loving things from the only Source that matters.  So you don’t munch to fill the holes of loneliness, boredom, or pain.  You don’t crack open that ice cold beer to quiet the demons anymore because you’re facing them, sometimes without even noticing you’re doing it.  You begin unraveling the heavy mask you’ve been carrying around since as far back as you can remember.  Every misconception.  Every false belief.  Every misinterpreted look.  Every heart-wrenching, broken moment of your life that you woven into the thorny wall you’ve been building around yourself since you first got here… one by one, those moments in your memories will begin to soften, to turn from painful thorns into silken thread; thread which you can then use to begin weaving the beautiful, colorful tapestry that is your life.  The wall basically melts into thread.  Think Rumplestiltskin.  Straw into gold and whatnot.

Once you’ve reached this point, you should not be saying sorry.  You should not be begging pardons or asking forgiveness, and you shouldn’t be expecting any, either.  Most of us reach the point where we realize we should no longer be saying we’re sorry, but forget to extend that realization out, and stop expecting others to apologize to us and fix our hurt feelings.  Circumstances can only be one of two things: a blessin’ or a lesson.  Enlightenment is the awareness that all circumstances are blessings, from which we pick and choose our lessons.  The things we allow to steer us off of our path of happiness and thriving and joy are the things we are choosing to turn into lessons for ourselves.

We have the choice to allow a circumstance, any circumstance, to simply remain a blessing, and pass out of our lives.  

If the thought of this seems unnatural to you, then you haven’t been looking at your life through the eyes of your Inner Being.  Right where you are, right now, whether you’re a miserable millionair or a miserable junkie, wherever you are in this very moment is the precise place that you (not somebody else, not the person beside you reading this exact same post… Y. O. U. YOU) need to be in order for every single good and wonderful thing you want out of this life to begin to flow to you.  Your anxiety… gone, if you want it to be.  Your depression?  That too, if you believe it and you want it.

Now, I am not advocating ditching your psych meds for a flower crown and a rousing version of Kumbaya around the campfire… never go against your doctor’s advice, and always consult your doctor before starting or stopping any prescribed medications.  Be smart.

But, don’t settle for a life of pills and limited thinking.  Have faith.  If not in the system, in yourself.  If not in yourself, in the Universe, or in God, or, failing all that, All you really need is the belief that if it works on something small, you will start testing it vigorously, with an open mind.  That’s all.  All you need is an open mind and a willingness to care about how you feel.  

If you will make the way you feel a priority, if you will make the most important promise between you and whatever label you slap onto your higher power (or just your own personal integrity, if you don’t believe in any power, higher or otherwise, than your own consciousness), if you will place your highest priority on feeling good, and I mean real good feelings, like love and excitement and fulfillment and joy, those good feelings, if you will vow to focus on only the thoughts and conditions which bring you those feelings– whether they exist in the physical realm or not– if you will focus on the feeling, instead of the condition, there is nothing you can’t have.  If your mother has died, and you have the desire to have a hug from your mother, have a hug from your mother.  Do whatever it takes to feel that same level of comfort.  If that means hugging a pillow while picturing your mother, do it.  If that requires finding an older woman to give you a hug, do it.  Stop feeling bad that a condition which you had equated to a feeling no longer exists.  As much as you loved your mother, she is not the only source of that feeling of comfort and love and acceptance you are looking for.   Not unless you decide she’s the only source.  Start looking for new ways to recreate that feeling, while you remain grateful.  Allow yourself to feel joyful that you got to know your mother long enough to remember what a hug from her felt like to you.  The only person depriving you of anything is you.  You are depriving yourself of a life filled with unconditional love and limitless joy and happiness.  Stop trying to change the conditions.  Start changing how you think about the conditions, because how you think directly affects how you feel.  You think poorly, you’ll be poor, no matter how much money you have in the bank.  If your mind is free, not even the most secure shackles on the shortest chains in the deepest dungeon can hold you captive.


3 thoughts on “Stop Putting Things Off

  1. “You do not need to be loved by someone to feel love for them.” I think you should read this book. It is OLD and really rather good. “The majesty of calmness; individual problems and possibilities.’ by William George Jordan.

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