What Synchronicity Looks Like (Part I)

A true and honest reporting of a conversation between myself and the Universe.  Since I tend to get wordy, I am relying on ‘script’ format, at first.  Note how long ahead of my moment of mind-blowing moments that things had started to begin lining up for me, in order to have this ‘conversation’ with my Higher Self; (continued after the conclusion of Part II)

Day 1

Husband: Wife, I have to take my car in for an oil change Monday (which is a holiday, mind you).

Me: Husband, that’s a holiday, nowhere will be open.

Day 3 

Husband: Wife, I need to get the oil changed in my car tomorrow.

Me: It’s a holiday, no one is going to be open.

Day 4:

Husband: Wife, I’m going to see if anyone can change the oil in my car today.

Me: Husband, what are you going to do, just ride up and down the road, looking to see if someone is open?

Husband: Yes. (Kiss, hug, departs)

(Some time later, my phone rings, it’s Husband.)

Husband (on phone): Wife, I’m at my dad’s.  The only place open was Sears, and it was a 4 hour wait.

Me: Husband, why didn’t you leave the car and call me to come pick you up?  We could have gone across the street, and used our coupon for a free prime rib dinner?  If you need the oil changed, 4 hours from now is better than not at all.

Husband agrees, I go pick him up, we eat a delicious meal, we haven’t heard back from Sears yet (who, upon his return said, actually it is pretty slow, it’ll be about 45 minutes) so he asks me to go to Barnes & Noble with him.  I love Barnes and Noble, so I agree.

Upon entering, he wanders back to check out the vinyl, and I linger at the sales tables by the front door, then I wander over to the place where they put the Bargain Priced journals and notebooks (I have a problem… I’m not seeking help for it).  Then, I have the impulse to go check out Abraham Hick’s books.  They must be in there somewhere.  There were too many followers for Barnes and Noble not to carry them.

I’m not quite sure why I wanted to see them.  I’d determined long ago that it was unnecessary for me to get the books, because I felt like I still had ample free material to peruse online.  So, I found myself in the right section, on the right row, and my eye was caught by some Oracle cards.  I knew they were like tarot cards, but not exactly, so out of curiosity, on impulse, I picked up the first deck.  It looked pretty cool, and was for growing your psychic abilities.  I thought that was pretty awesome, because that’s kind of what I’m doing right now.  Developing my intuition.  Trusting my inner guide.  Then I saw the second deck.  It was a Heart deck, about relationships.  The front of the box showed the clasped hands of a couple and the braided cord of a handfasting.

I flipped the boxes over and noted that the Heart cards cost a dollar more ($19.99USD vs $18.99) than the Psychic cards.  Cheapskate that I tend to be, I put the Heart deck back on the shelf.


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