What Synchronicity Looks Like Part II

I wandered farther down the aisle, searching for the Abraham books, the reason I’d chosen to come to the aisle in the first place, but they had lost all interest for me.  There was zero appeal.  I don’t think I even removed one fully from the shelf.  I wandered away, and on my way out of the aisle, my eye caught the Heart Oracle cards.  

The picture on the front struck a chord within my consciousness.  It resonated with the actual literal wedding-slash-handfasting (complete with braided cord and all) where I’d been poleaxed with all my own negative energy just a week before.  Part of me was still wrestling with that, and my soul knew it.

I picked up the Heart deck and placed the Psychic deck back on the shelf.  Something inside me knew that this deck had something to tell me (mind you, I’ve always had a fascination with Tarot, but I’ve never taken it seriously, and had a tarot deck at home I’d bought a year before and never even opened!).  I asked Husband if he objected to me getting the deck, and he didn’t, so we bought it (getting a discount, and ending up paying less than the pre-tax cost of the other deck [everything’s always working out for me!])

I got home and started messing with the deck.  I spread out the cards and plucked one, thinking of my friend, the one who had gotten married.  The friend who was the reason behind the impulse to buy the deck in the first place.  I drew three cards and studied their meaning in the book, and drew my own interpretation of them.  The answer was not clear, not in the ‘what actions to take’ area, that is still… brewing, but the ‘conclusion’ was definitely relieving.  Things were all going to work themselves out.

Next I pulled a card for a potential mentor, because I was unsure of her purpose in my life and again, I studied the book meaning, then used my intuition to tailor it to me, personally.  It seemed she and I will collaborate on something.  Whether that’s mentorship services or some other thing, I don’tknow,  but again, my thoughts were reaffirmed.

I pulled a few other cards, but everything I pulled just felt blah.  Boring.  Uninspired.

I decided to try some visualization exercises for a bit, because I had heard that it helps to develop the clair-skills (Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, etc).  I thought I would try to visualize numbers.  Then I had the thought to make things a little trickier… I’d visualize colored numbers.

I closed my eyes and tried to picture a yellow number one.  The color was arbitrary.  Yellow just happened to be the first color that popped into my head.  It took a few seconds, but I got a one, but it wasn’t yellow.  I concentrated and finally, the one seemed to turn a watery yellow for the briefest moment… that was enough for me.  I’d take it as a win.

Next, I thought to myself, I’ll try a blue two.  Blue number two.  Blue.  Two.  Blue.  Two.

I could picture a splotch of blue, and I was able to see a white number two pretty clearly, but for the life of me, I couldn’t picture a blue number two.  I began to feel some frustration, so I opened my eyes, about to take a deep breath and try again when I happened to notice that the last card I had pulled out of the deck, the card from my second reading, was left out of the deck (I had wrapped it in a silk scarf and had been holding them, while trying to visualize). 

I decided to take the opportunity for a break,  and put the card back in the deck.  As I slid it home, the thought occured to me… I wonder what the blue number two is in this deck (one suit had blue edges… the card colors were black, purple, red, green, and of course, blue)?

I had been keeping the cards I’d already studied/read on the top of the deck.  I removed them, and decided to look through the deck and find that blue two, because I was too curious not to.  Holding the remaining, unstudied portion of the deck, I began to flip cards over, from the top.  One.  Two.  Three.

There it was.  Blue number two, in all its glory…

Oh, yes.  You’re seeing that right, friends.  The third ‘card’ (or reading) I was trying to find moments before, to study.  The third card down in the deck.  The blue number two card.  The blue number two which I was totally, completely, perplexingly unable to see is…….

The ‘Refusing to See’ card.

(Continued from preface) Look at how many opportunities for missing that moment of sheer delight (and the five or six I’ve had since then, all with this deck, in less than a week)! What if Husband had listened to me and never even bothered looking for an open shop? What if I’d been cranky, and not wanted to go, or just had wanted to stay home?  I doubt I would be any worse for wear.  And I don’t see (yet) how this has added some great boon to my existence.  It’s a simple delight in co-conspiring with your Higher Self for putting amazing, delightful things in your path, for the sheer fun of it… this is the joy and delight of synchronicity. 


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