Never Have I Ever…

So, this is in response to my friend TS’s post, ‘Things I’ve Never Learned To Do’.

I also decided to add my own caveat and list 4 things that I am working on (and making progress in!) that I Have Never Learned To Do.  So, I guess I should actually call this the

“Things I Am Learning To Do For The First Time”

1) Love myself.

2) Trust my Inner Guidance. 

3) Feel confident. 

4) Not care what others think of me.

Bonus Answer: 

5) Be Happy!

Each area is at its own place and pace, but I am happy to report that Wednesday alone, I had TWO different people tell me, mere hours apart, that I seem more confident, more peaceful, and happier than I’ve ever been.   And these were both people who have each known me for 25+ years!  They both listed all of those things, too!

Plus, bonus for ALL of us…!!! I’m still writing regularly on my blog!  

I’ve been people-ing quite a bit, as well.

Breezed through court.  

I get new followers all the time (HI, new people!  Welcome!).  

I’ve been losing weight effortlessly (apparently about 20lbs so far!).  

The other week, I found $100 in my sofa (which was awesome, by the way! Thank you, Universe!).  

If I weren’t living my life, I’m not sure I’d believe it… and wait until you read Monday’s post about what happened today!


9 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever…

    1. LOL… what’s funny is that it wasn’t a $100 bill, it was five 20’s. I kept just pulling out money, lol. It was the most bemusing things… and I just laughed, looked at my friend and said,

      “Everything’s always working out for me!”

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  1. Wow, 5 twenties…I find pens and pennies and once my son’s multi tool. Oh, every so often there is a cheeto in there, too. I sometimes find change in the washer. I put it in a container and someday I’ll buy pizza for dinner!
    Love this post, as mentioned above, fun good things! I also love the weight loss part. Athough, I might have found that. I seem to be a magnet for unwanted pounds floating in space.

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    1. Your words bind you, my kind-hearted friend! Tell those space pounds to keep on moving, lol.

      Honestly, though… the better I feel (meaning, the more aware I am of how I feel, and intentionally choosing to feel good by choosing positive thoughts and focusing on only the good things that come to me), the more weight has come off.

      I have zero desire to snack like I used to, I’m aware of my ‘full-meter’ and no longer UNCONSCIOUSLY gorge myself on dinner every night. I eat when I’m actually hungry (except the week I start my period… no snack is safe that week, LOL).

      It actually all started about the time I ordered this book online… I may have written a post about it… let me check…

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