☆Special Announcement☆

Everything is always working out for me, and all those around me!

I am so pleased, grateful, and excited to announce that the creator of The Juno Cards, Dawn Flores (dawnflores.com) has given me permission to share the deck with you, dear readers, completely free!

Before I talk about the deck, I’d like to take a moment and tell you a little about how this came about, and a little about Dawn herself.

I bought the deck as a birthday gift for myself.  It’s not a deck like a tarot deck or an oracle deck, they’re… well, allow me to let Dawn explain in her own words.  This is the cover of the box:

So.  There you have it.

“…short essays, designed to expand awareness and energize spiritual transformation through prayer, meditation, journaling and support.”

I have permission to share the cards with you all because I apparently bought the last (or next-to-last) deck for sale in any store, anywhere.  Turns out the creator of this deck that spoke so much to me was right here, in my own town!  Really, what are the odds that, out of all the decks in that shop (and there were a lot), how would it be that I answer the call of a deck created by someone in my own city?  And get the last one for sale anywhere?

So, Dawn is a local artist (which was utterly unbeknownst to me!), and she is extremely talented.  Her website can be found here.  Please go check out her work.  If you’re in Virginia, she’s got a show coming up in September at the Crossroads Art Center.  I will be sharing the details of that as I receive them from her.  Please show her some love, folks.  She is being so incredibly generous to us!

We haven’t met, but we do live in the same town.  I don’t have to meet her to know she’s generous.  She’s already shown that.  I don’t have to meet her to know she’s kind and open, her conversation proved that.  Mostly, I don’t have to meet her to know that she is a beautiful, connected soul, who loves and appreciates nature, and our planet.  The work she put into preserving the memory of a local urban forest before it was paved over, involving hundreds of people, is incredible.  You can read all about her labor of love, see her artwork, and thank her personally for her generosity, if you like, over on her website.

I’m going to wait until after the (USA) holiday chaos is over, but I was so excited to share the news, I simply had to tell you guys right away!

I will be posting more about the deck and my plans in the coming week or so (this was completely the Universe’s doing, folks… I’m just trying to catch up, here!)  As I figure out how best to adapt the deck to our specific medium, I’ll be posting updates!

One thing I know already is this: the cards were intended for women, but as this blog is co-ed for all- cis, queer, and anything in-between, I’d like to openly state now (and probably put a standard announcement before each Juno post) that regardless of gender, if you are biologically able to participate, and want to follow along, you are welcome to do so, regardless of the pronouns on the card.  If you think it will help you, join us. ♡

There will be more information coming soon, but please, if you are interested in participating, let me know in the comments!  I am so excited, and I think all who participate will benefit immensely.  

I’ll just end this post with a quote from Dawn herself.  Her response after I asked for permission to share this wonderful action deck with you (please note, I redacted the email address for privacy reasons, but her contact information is available here):

Namaste & Blessed be, friends! Special blessings to Dawn Flores, for her kindness and generosity.


19 thoughts on “☆Special Announcement☆

      1. They’re almost like little homework assignments, but for the soul.

        The first one we will do, I think, is called, “Respect the Power of the Word”, where we focus on the words we speak, and their true meanings, and what we are saying that we may not even realize it. Think like, “It’s not possible”, or “It’s going to be miserable”. That’s powerful. You’re binding yourself, even cursing yourself with misery, thinking you’re being a ‘realist’, but you’re just creating that reality with your words.

        There’s a long time period (the cards call for 28 days, but considering the medium, I may shorten the time frame) between cards, so you don’t have to be rushed.

        And you don’t have to do ANYTHING, unless you want to. 🙂

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      2. Some things, like the card I described a minute ago, where we just practice mindfulness, maybe journal about it (or use it for blogging material… it’s YOUR growth, after all!), and others may say to write a letter to someone (burn letters), or other things.

        Each card is different, and suggests a different action. I may alter some instructions since we are online, not meeting in person, but I think it generally stays the same.

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      3. That’s okay… there will only be a new card once every week, minimum. I’m thinking more like 2 weeks minimum, perhaps more. This is going to be spread out and unrushed and very casual, but I think those who participate will experience some big shifts.

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      4. And you’ll know when we start, lol. There will be a few more posts to help get the word out (everyone is busy with their Independence Day plans this week) before we start, so please don’t feel pressured to make a decision now, lol

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  1. SQUEEEEE. I was going to follow the other blog, but it was too much. Maybe yours will be less work. I’m incredibly lazy.
    Also, so thrilled you will meet this artist! How awesome cool is that??? I love meeting authors in person and artists are even more fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, we haven’t made plans to actually meet, but it wouldn’t surprise me now if we do. Not necessarily because we planned it, but because it feels as though it’s probably inevitable now, now that she’s been brought into my awareness, lol.

      I also prefer less work & more fun. I guess some may call that ‘lazy’… I call it intelligent, lol. 😉

      I feel exciting things on the way. :-D. I sincerely hope you join in the fun! I will try to make it as fun and interesting as possible, and if you think of something to add, don’t hesitate to speak up! 🙂

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