Working Through Resistance – Part 3

Why do I feel bad?

Because I feel unappreciated.  That word doesn’t convey the right meaning.  I feel… devalued.  Disrespected.  Discarded.  Unseen.

What do I want to feel?

Valued.  Cared for.  Appreciated.  Like I matter more than what I can do for you when you’re in a bind.  Like I matter to you.

Why do I want to feel valued?

Because that’s why we came here.  To have loving relationships and interactions with each other.  Because I value you, and want to feel valued, in return.

Okay.  There was going to be more to that whole exercise, but I finally have my peace, and it’s late and I’m tired… but don’t worry, I’m going to wrap this up for you guys, too.  I won’t leave you hanging.

So, I was in the middle of typing my answer to the second question when it dawned on me… if everything is a mirror, maybe I haven’t been showing this friend that I value them?  Maybe they express and receive validation differently than I do, and all this time, we’ve just been showing each other we cared in the wrong ‘dialect’ so to speak.

If I can make peace with my father, this is cake.  And this is the same realization I had with him.  It’s me.  They’re mirroring me.

I need to be the change.

Tomorrow, I will be the change, as I navigate through any residual negative energy flow as a result of my previous point of attraction, fully aware that any negativity I perceive is simply the last of the old, draining away.

I am at peace.

Namaste & Blessed be, friends.  

Thank you for holding space for my expansion. ❤


11 thoughts on “Working Through Resistance – Part 3

  1. i love this, I have such an issue with social media being my only way in which i’m valued. If I don’t get a certain amount of likes on a photo I feel under appreciated. Don’t let the negativity over shadow you x

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    1. Thank you for the encouraging words, my friend! I am pretty blissed out right now, actually! I am so utterly amazed that I actually worked through that issue in about 3 hours. It’s been plaguing me for about 3 YEARS!

      Cloud 9. Truly.

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  2. Value seems to be the key word here. I see what you mean. You know what I’ve realized starting a business 3 years ago? The process is teaching me that everything in life is about value. Friends, family, relationships, partnerships etc. Even the relationship we have with our pet is about value. The thing about value is that like you said, everybody does not value the same things. The cat values milk while the dog could not care less.

    However, animals they’re easy to figure out right, they don’t necessarily shift paradigms but humans do. We change all the time and our values sometimes change and progress in accordance to who we are becoming. Certain things we used to value at 13 we don’t value anymore. Experiences change what we value. There’s a lot of adaptation to make when it comes to people, especially if 3 years have gone by.

    The friend you speak of has probably evolved a lot. But you know what I’ve also realized? There are few things that everyone secretly values : COMMUnication, openness, vulnerability, authenticity… etc. I don’t think those things will ever go out of style! 😊😊😊

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    1. Yes. What I’ve figured out is that, most of us, when confronted with pure loving energy (which IS vulnerable, open, communicates freely, and is 100% authentic), can’t help, often, but to reflect it back… and when we don’t, we know. We feel it. Or, I do, at least.

      What I was struggling with was reaching that loving place, without feeling like I was being fed a shit sandwich, and expected to say thank you… and if there’s discord within you when you try to love someone else… well, that’s about what it feels like, until you find a way to bring your heart and mind together as one.

      When two are made one. Heart and mind. Once I squared away in my MIND myself being the RESPONSIBLE party, I knew it was only a matter of time before my heart would follow, and I would find peace.

      Now, please excuse me, while I go meditate, and prepare myself for a lovely evening. ❤

      Namaste & Blessed be, friend!

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      1. Indeed. And you know, if the person we are in resistance with is aware of the resistance it feels awful… I cannot think of a most horrible feeling to feel than resistance directed towards you. It makes the other person wonder what they’ve done wrong… I don’t know your situation with your friend, I’m only speaking for me being in a situation where I know someone who’s in deep resistance towards me despite me being quite opened and communicative. At some point I just realized I had to let go for the sake of my own health.

        That’s when I realized communication is truly everything. However, it really has to be a two way stream for it to work or it becomes very exhausting. It’s like trying to talk to a child that does not want to talk or feed it vegetables. It’s hard and it hurts.

        So yeah, as much as resistance feels horrible from your side, it also feels terrible from the other side as well, taking in account they are aware of the resistance directed towards them. Where there is resistance there is persistence to maintain a certain control.

        I have released control a long time ago but opening up and apologizing, but when I’ve let go, I became aware that most people hold on really tight even when their behavior is no longer serving the friendship or relationship. It hurts when you sit on the other side thinking “If they would just open up, communicate and let go of trying to control everything, everything would be just fine. It could actually save the friendship/relationship.” It’s like two friends junkie. One decides to let go and quit while the other one resists it. The one who is now on the other side sees the self-sabotage and destruction happening but there`s nothing he can do if he wants to stay healthy he must let go and that means to also let go of his friend in resistance.

        Have a lovely evening! I`m actually taking a break today lol 😉

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      2. Enjoy the break, my friend!

        Oh, I think they feel it… I just don’t know if they realize what they are feeling.

        I’m not sure if I tend to attract people in severe emotional distress because I am a natural healer/energy worker, or because reality is a mirror, and I am getting back what I am putting out.

        I think it is 90% the last part, and 10% the first… and if I’m right, I will go to dinner and it will end up being a wonderful experience. If I’m wrong, I will know that, too, lol.

        I have decided that I don’t need to know all the answers or the whys, what I need is to get/keep my own energy in alignment, because as long as I am, I am connected to Source Energy, and I flow through life with ease and joy. If I am not, things get real bumpy, real quick, lol.

        Have a great day off, friend! Squeeze every ounce of joy, fun & happiness into every moment!

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      3. Thank you!! Spent the entire day meditating. I had no energy so I lay low lol

        By the way, in my opinion I think it`s a bit of everything… And the more I look into the whole universal energetic attraction thing, it all the same.

        A natural born healer could attract to her distressed people so that she can heal them. She could also attract those people so that through the process of healing them she`s healing herself because part of her feels emotional distressed. All of those contexts are all the same and a mirror effect to me. It all goes back to being a reflection of our own energy.

        There is actually no separation between us and what is. We are always connected with Source because we are Source, a fragment of it. That is the secret per se. There is always a pulling force/mechanism. It`s always there., whether we are conscious of it or not 😉

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  3. Being of value is important. I can preach all I want to myself about my own worth and say screw it to others, but really? That is unrealistic. If we never care what others think of us, well, we are pretty darn self centered. And a self centered world has no use for anyone else and there the communication stops. Actually, communication can stop even before selfcenteredness. (note: there is something wrong with that word…) I enjoy being valued by you, I only hope I return that reflection of love back!

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    1. You do, my friend! Turns out, so were they… I just was unable to receive it, because of my own ‘static’. As usual, lol. Turns out, just when I think I’ve finally found an exception to the rule… nope, still just the world around me, still just mirroring ME, lol.

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