You cannot teach others

what you do not know.

All your pain, your suffering

is neither amusing, nor show.

There’s a cost to this life,

a price we all pay-

though it costs us nothing

in the day to day.

In the game of life

we all pay to play-

The cost of the ride?

Lighting the way.


You cannot teach others

what you do not know,

and you cannot reach those

in places you will not go.

You must walk the trenches,

you must feel the pain.

Why plant a garden

if you don’t want rain?

Don’t resent your troubles,

In the future or the past,

because you can’t take the next step

until you’ve mastered the last.


Teachers, gurus,

lightworkers galore;

Valhalla, heaven,

Shangri-la, and more-

There are many things in life

to sort and sift through, 

but look within

and the truth shines through.

Mind how you feel.

Keep your thoughts in line. 

Namaste.  Blessed be.

You will be just fine.


AP 7/5/17

This poem was inspired by this post, and a beautiful conversation.

Stay beautiful, friend!


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