To My Abusive Ex: A Poem

I found it hard

To let you go

“Image of

Someone I Know”.


I see your eyes-

Narrowed slits,

Nostrils flared,

Fingers clenched.


I feel your bruising,

Crushing grasp.

I hear your words,

A whispered rasp.


“Why don’t you just die?”

You choked,

As you wrapped your hands

Around my throat.


I thought that I 

Would die that day.

If that’s what it took

To get away.


I was so angry at you

For what you did to me.

But time has passed,

Now I’m at peace.


I found it hardest

To forgive your father,

The cop- enforcer

Of law and order.


The things he knew 

That you had done,

Still he protected you,

His abusive son.


But I forgive you both,

And let it go;

I know you were suffering

In hells of your own.


We were each other’s company

That misery sought,

And remained together far longer

Than we ought.


Tonight, I release you-

I set you free.

May the angels keep you.

May you find your own peace.


7/12/17 AP


2 thoughts on “To My Abusive Ex: A Poem

  1. It requires a lot of courage from someone to did what you did and on top of that you post it here. Hopefully this brings you a lot of inner peace. Blessings are often disguised wearing the worst costumes. Gifts are most of the time wrapped in painful sandpapers and delivered to us through a punch in the face… It`s fair to say the Universe has a bizarre sense of humor. But it seems, the higher intelligence never truly fails…

    It`s true because I don`t know a single successful person with an easy past. I think that`s what makes them great. Their ability to rise from the ashes regardless of any circumstances while still positively growing and bringing more to the world 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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