What Are You Building?

What are you building?  Do you know?

How much time do you spend ‘fighting the old’?  

Are you so tired after all that fighting that you don’t have the energy to build new things for your life?

I would like to begin building a course to help people discover, and rediscover, the joy of being their Authentic Selves, and one day run my own retreat where people come to heal their Spirit.

What is one new thing you would like to put some energy into building today?  Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “What Are You Building?

  1. There are many things I want to make better. Nebulous large things which need honed down into manageable bits. I am working on thinning my physical body, something I have needed to do for years. I am going to think on this and take a nap….Good questions, Amanda.

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  2. OwnShadow

    I would like to build a religion of making works of art from human lives. Where we learn to take as much care in our relationship with the world as a poet takes over a poem.

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