Charlottesville Protests

Friends, if you read my blog, and you believe in Law of Attraction principles (you get more of what you focus upon), I have a very large, very important favor to ask of you.

Please take a moment to picture peace returning in Charlottesville.  Picture a calmness falling over the region, and picture so much love pouring out from everyone in that place, that those with hatred and violence in their hearts flee from that place.  Please focus on peace for Charlottesville for a few minutes (as long as you are willing), instead of focusing on the current conditions. 
See the tragedy of the deaths there as the catalyst for peace between all protesters.  See love winning.

If you believe in LOA, then you know you will make a difference in the energy of that place, by focusing on what you want more of… peace.  Don’t watch any more news about it than you need to remain informed, and then focus on a peaceful resolution.

I have friends in this city.  One was assaulted by one of the people who were marching.  They need every shred of peaceful energy you can spare for them.

Please, do not send anger to this small town.  Send love.  Peace.  Resolution.  Cooperation.  
Namaste & Blessed be.


5 thoughts on “Charlottesville Protests

  1. I so love this post. I should have added you to my nominations, you always make me feel so good! I’ve been thinking about S Korea, too. I lived there for a month eons ago. My heart aches for that city and those people. Peace and LOA, please.

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    1. I appreciate your comment very much, Kris, and also the sentiment, but I don’t mind not receiving nominations. I actually request people don’t, mainly because I won’t participate, and then I’ll feel guilty about it, LOL.

      I don't watch the news, but with several friends who live there, I've not been able to avoid this one… and don't actually wish to avoid it, per se… simply not be bombarded with the negative commentary about things like this. I prefer to be informed, then send healing, peaceful energy and visualize peace and prosperity in those places and for those people.

      (In case I forgot to mention in the post, the person who assaulted my friend was arrested, and she is okay.)

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    1. Thank you, Judie ❤

      She is okay, luckily, and her assailant was arrested, so all is okay, physically… but it could have been much worse, it WAS/IS much worse, for many of the people there.

      Thank you for sharing. ❤

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