Juno Cards 2: News-Free Diet

If you missed the first post, it can be found here.

This post brought to you by the generosity and permission of Dawn Flores.  If you would like permission to copy and/or reproduce, please contact her through her email, found in the image below.  Thank you, and I’m sure she would agree with me when I say:

From both of us, to all of you… enjoy the journey!

Looks like I have an easy fortnight, since I already do this as a general rule every day, but perhaps some of you would enjoy spending the ‘extra’ time on more positive, productive, or just plain fun pursuits!

Namaste & Blessed be!


6 thoughts on “Juno Cards 2: News-Free Diet

  1. I like this mini-series of yours. Keep it up! I don’t own cable and haven’t watch TV for years. If I need to watch a movie I just plug the computer HD cable to the flat screen. I don’t read the papers nor do I feed off celebrity/popular gossips. I choose to stay away from the Mayhem and it has proven to give incredibly nice results in my life. I decide what programs play in my mind, not society. Matrix free diet 😉

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    1. I watch a few shows on TV, but I do try to avoid the majority of news media of all sorts. Some things filter through, but not nearly as much as it used to. My dad started watching news 24/7 after he retired. He keeps getting sicker & sicker, and doesn’t notice the correlation. 😦

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      1. Sorry to hear about your father… Him getting sicker can be related to many things but watching the News surely does not help…

        It’s unfortunately their generation’s mentality. My mother reads the necrology section and also watches the news religiously. When we speak she talks about who died or how I should watch the News to stay informed. It’s just different for them. News for them is equal to knowledge not brainwashing.

        Anyway. Prayers to your dad… May he find the force/power to heal 🙂

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      2. Most definitely… It takes only one person from a family to show it’s possible and inspire. And I find the best way to do so is by becoming a living example. It’s hard to take the road less visited but it is always parsed with treasures 😉

        Excuse the corniness I just can’t help it. It’s part of me lol.

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