Requesting Advice (re: creating music tracks in studio)

If you are a recording artist (of any genre) or you work in a music studio, or you are a sound engineer, or you write music and/or lyrics… Basically, if you have any experience at all with recording your own music/album, I’d like to hear from you!!

grey condenser microphone
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I have been thinking for a while that it would be really fun to create a CD.  I really desire to make this happen.  I’d like to record something to give my parents as a gift, maybe some other people… but also I’m just dying to know how I would sound!

So…. my request is simple.  If you have experience in the music recording industry (on either side of the mic), what advice/suggestions would you offer someone with a fairly decent singing voice looking to put together a CD that sounds professional (or nearly so)?  I want to hear about your experience recording in a studio, working with engineers, suggestions on what to do, what not to do, what to avoid, what to look for… anything, really, because I am clueless.  I’m currently researching, but something just told me to write this post and ask for any advice/suggestions from the interwebz at large.

If you’re curious about what my singing voice sounds like… feel free to comment about that, too! 

Namaste and Blessed Be


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