The Stories We Tell (Ourselves)

Casual reflection on my morning, the value of meditation, and relationships.


Charlottesville Protests

Friends, if you read my blog, and you believe in Law of Attraction principles (you get more of what you focus upon), I have a very large, very important favor to ask of you. Please take a moment to picture peace returning in Charlottesville.  Picture a calmness falling over the region, and picture so much …

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Disagreement Doesn’t Have to Equal Disaster

I was 36 years old when I realized for the first time that I was allowed to have boundaries with my parents, and that it was okay for me to expect those boundaries to be respected.  Today, at 37, I have realized for the first time that I can be in disagreement with my family …

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That Lovin’ Feeling

The following is a fantastic quote I found on my friend MomentumMike's blog.  With his permission, I've reposted it here as it originally appeared... and now I'm going to muse all over it. "When someone does something loving, they are not giving Love – they are only doing something that Allows someone else to Focus on the …

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Emotions, Energy, and LOA

Feelings = Emotion = Energy = Vibration = Frequency So, Law of Attraction (LOA) is a really big buzzword/catchphrase right now.  Everyone is telling us what it is, and what it means, and how to work it... but while much of what is said sounds like more of the same, there're some pretty big differences …

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What Synchronicity Looks Like (Part I)

A true and honest reporting of a conversation between myself and the Universe.  Since I tend to get wordy, I am relying on 'script' format, at first.  Note how long ahead of my moment of mind-blowing moments that things had started to begin lining up for me, in order to have this 'conversation' with my …

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