Juno Card 14: Get Reiki

Refresh your energy with Reiki


Charlottesville Protests

Friends, if you read my blog, and you believe in Law of Attraction principles (you get more of what you focus upon), I have a very large, very important favor to ask of you. Please take a moment to picture peace returning in Charlottesville.  Picture a calmness falling over the region, and picture so much …

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What Synchronicity Looks Like Part II

I wandered farther down the aisle, searching for the Abraham books, the reason I'd chosen to come to the aisle in the first place, but they had lost all interest for me.  There was zero appeal.  I don't think I even removed one fully from the shelf.  I wandered away, and on my way out …

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Sorry, Not Sorry.

So, I've just had a revelation. All day long, I walk around telling everyone 'Sorry', or 'Excuse me', or 'Pardon me'.  Constantly.  I'm apologizing for bumping into people, for being too cheerful, for not walking fast enough when someone holds the door open for me, for dropping the F-bomb on my own blog; it feels …

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Day 2?

It feels like day 2 (the day I wrote this, which was 6/2).  Of what, though? Of expectation.  Of excitement.  Of being awake and aware and happy and just... knowing.  Knowing it's all working out.  Knowing it's all as it should be.  Knowing I'm okay and you're okay, and even if we aren't right now, …

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