When Is Love Not Love?

Love isn’t love when it hurts.  Love doesn’t hurt.  Deep down, you know what love feels like.  Acceptance.  Peace.  Joy.   Exhilaration.  Not pain and suffering.

If you’re in pain, you’re not in love.

If it’s annoying you, you’re not loving it.

If it outrages you, you’re not loving it.

If you’re not loving it, you’re not loving it.


Newsflash: That’s okay.

There’s no one saying you have to look at things you don’t like and force yourself to love them.  You can’t, and Continue reading “When Is Love Not Love?”

The Greatest Love of All Part II

Yesterday, I spoke about a fairly radical concept- the idea that the humans who hurt us the most are inhabited by the souls which love us the most.  I understand that this can be a difficult premise to get behind.  It’s an if/then scenario, which only works if you believe that within us all is a pure, divine Being.

After I wrote that post, I sat with the idea, ‘feeling it out’ beyond the initial inspiration  (you see, I write for you guys as it comes to me… I meant it when I said you were sharing this journey with me!), and I got an even deeper insight into what this means… Continue reading “The Greatest Love of All Part II”

The Greatest Love of All

What if I told you that the people who have hurt you the most in your life are the souls who love you the most?

Crazy, right?  When you look at life as a ‘human experience’, it is an insane idea, but if you look at life as a ‘soul purpose’, and our ‘negative’ experiences as lessons, or nudges (shoves?) from other souls, intended to send us careening toward our true purpose, it starts to look a lot different. Continue reading “The Greatest Love of All”

Are Your ‘Life Lessons’ on Repeat?

I’ve often heard the saying, “If we forget the past, we’re doomed to repeat it,” or the similar, “The experience is repeated until the lesson is learned.

I’ve known this to be true from observing my own life, and the lives of those around me.  We’re drawn into the same relationships, the same experiences, over and over again… but I’ve recently understood that learning the lesson is only half the ‘solution’.

The ‘pill’ I’m about to offer may be difficult to swallow for some.  Others will reject it outright.  But I believe those who are ready will read these words and hear the truth of them.   If you’re not ready… that’s OKAY.  My truth and your truth don’t need to be in lockstep.  Truth, as much as we’d often insist that it is absolute – black and white – is much more subjective than we would like to believe. Continue reading “Are Your ‘Life Lessons’ on Repeat?”