The Big News Reveal!!

I have big news, but I filled out the excerpt so you couldn't cheat and find out what it is without reading the post :-p


You Are Not Your Body

As those of you who keep up with my blog know, I have begun walking most days.  It began because I've lost 20 pounds in the last few months, and I realized that if I don't begin to build some muscle, some toning, things were going to start drifting South if I didn't.  That was …

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Physical Changes on My Spiritual Journey

I've written about a lot of non-physical changes that have been going on for me, but I haven't really talked much about the physical changes that have been happening alongside them. My appetite went wonky for a few days, and suddenly, I began eating smaller portions, and I became more conscious of the quality of …

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Charlottesville Protests

Friends, if you read my blog, and you believe in Law of Attraction principles (you get more of what you focus upon), I have a very large, very important favor to ask of you. Please take a moment to picture peace returning in Charlottesville.  Picture a calmness falling over the region, and picture so much …

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