The Street Beside Mine

A rhyming poem about the healing power of nature... kind of.


What Are You Building?

What are you building?  Do you know? How much time do you spend 'fighting the old'?   Are you so tired after all that fighting that you don't have the energy to build new things for your life? I would like to begin building a course to help people discover, and rediscover, the joy of …

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Reader Q&A:

A reader asked me: In a previous post, what did you mean when you said, "The souls who love us the most are the people hurt us the worst"?  ...From my perspective, only pain hurts, and love heals... I do not understand this perspective. (Please note, I have greatly shortened this question... mostly because I was …

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☆Special Announcement☆

Everything is always working out for me, and all those around me! I am so pleased, grateful, and excited to announce that the creator of The Juno Cards, Dawn Flores ( has given me permission to share the deck with you, dear readers, completely free! Before I talk about the deck, I'd like to take …

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