Sorry, Not Sorry.

So, I've just had a revelation. All day long, I walk around telling everyone 'Sorry', or 'Excuse me', or 'Pardon me'.  Constantly.  I'm apologizing for bumping into people, for being too cheerful, for not walking fast enough when someone holds the door open for me, for dropping the F-bomb on my own blog; it feels …

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What A Difference 

Friends, meditation should be mandatory at schools and workplaces.  And homes.  And at stoplights. I spent nearly two days pulling at various strings, seeing what pulled free from the snarl of emotions I had going on, and within twenty minutes of stilling my mind, of going to my 'zone', the light switched on.  And that's …

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When Is Love Not Love?

Love isn't love when it hurts.  Love doesn't hurt.  Deep down, you know what love feels like.  Acceptance.  Peace.  Joy.   Exhilaration.  Not pain and suffering. If you're in pain, you're not in love. If it's annoying you, you're not loving it. If it outrages you, you're not loving it. If you're not loving it, …

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