Law of Attraction, A Story

Imagine a store, its floor to ceiling shelves lined with puzzle boxes.  The picture on the front of each box shows a different potential desire.  You pick the box that you like the best, but lo and behold, it’s empty.  You look around and find a store clerk, they chuckle slightly and look at you with more than a hint of pity.  You get the feeling that you’re not going to like where this is going.  The clerk tell you to you to follow him, and heads toward the back of the store.  He opens a door you hadn’t noticed before, and flips on a light switch as he steps inside.  The lights flicker on long enough for you to see a HUGE pile of puzzle pieces strewn about on the floor of a storeroom that’s about the size of a football field.  As the lights begin to flicker off and on, the clerk shrugs, reaches in his pocket, and withdraws a small penlight.  He shines it on the box you’ve chosen, enters a code in a keypad beside the door, and from out of nowhere, a new box drops onto the shelf beside the keypad.  He hands you the new box.  The picture on the front of the box is dark and out of focus.  He tucks your dream puzzle under his arm and says, ‘put that one together, and then come find me.’

As he turns to walk out, you shake the box. ‘Wait a minute!’, you exclaim, ‘This box is empty, too!’  He stops, tosses you the penlight and points to the puzzle pieces scattered across the floor.  ‘It’s in there.  Good luck.’

This was not what you signed up for.  You were supposed to be able to pick out your desires, put the pieces together, and get what you came for, not be shoved into some dusty back room, putting together old, out of focus puzzles!  But you really want that desire puzzle, so you get down on your hands and knees and begin to search. Continue reading “Law of Attraction, A Story”